Silicon wafer measurement

The technologies linked to silicon materials have never been so developed. It is the reason the semi-conductors use in the industrial and research fields are more and more sophisticated. The manufacturing process becomes more and more complex and the control must be at the required level.

From the manufacture of silicon wafers as a support toward MEMS applications on a nanometric scale, there are many constraints. I constraints. This is the reason the metrology tool must be the most efficient. Therefore, Sil'tronix ST uses a complete mapping device of the latest generation. 

Mesure wafer Si TTV Bow Warp Epaisseur

certificate of conformity

Thanks to this solution of metrology, a full report can be provided with each order.

silicon wafer mapping

Firstly, the complete mapping of the wafer

Mapping épaisseur wafer silicium

full report of achieved values

Secondly, the control report includes the thickness measurement, the TTV, the Bow as well as the Warp.

This was designed to simplify the reading and the way to get information thanks to the bar graph system:

certificat de mesure wafer silicium epaisseur ttv bow warp


Silicon wafer stock


Silicon wafer configurator


SOI wafer configurator



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