Sil’tronix ST is a leading manufacturer of high quality customized silicon wafers and crystals. All Si wafers are made internally from the pulling process (to create specific ingot) toward the cleaning in order to maintain a reliable and qualitative consistency.

In order to provide you the maximum of services to succeed to your topics, we share our knowledge and tools.

From your own Silicon ingot, own silicon wafer, silicon crystal or semi-finished products, we are able to provide you the services as described below.

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In order to answer the most precisely as possible to your specific requests, we manufacture internally our own ingots. We handle the whole manufacturing process with the aim to provide the most reliable products and insure a high quality level to  to succeed within your topics. The ingot is also available on request.


  • Orientation: (100) or (111) 
  • Dopant: P-Boron or N-Phosphorus 
  • From conductive materials closed to 1
  • Undoped: no added dopant

High purity silicon (purity 9N) is melted in a crucible at 1425°C, usually made of quartz. A precisely oriented seed silicon crystal is dipped into the molten silicon. The seed crystal’s rod is slowly pulled upwards and rotated simultaneously...

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Downsizing – Edge grinding

Due to a large range of requirements, we provide the service to downsize your own wafers (siilcon, SOI, ...) in order to supply the size requested to succed within your topics. Regardless the shape, we are able to provide any kind of forms.

To match your own specification, we downsize silicon wafers on the size requested.


  • Downsizing with different tools laser cutting (ie: 6" -> 3x2")
  • Round, flat, edge grinding
  • Specific edge profile: cutting 45° angle

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Mirror and Silicon Blocks Refurbishment

Silicon Block Refurbishment 2- Sil'tronix.jpg

The quality of x-ray mirrors produced today is significantly better than that which was available 10 years ago. Consequently, there are many large optics installed worldwide with slope and roughness characteristics that can be improved. In addition mirror coatings degrade (surface contamination) over time resulting in performance reduction.

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Happy New year 2019

The whole Sil'tronix ST team wishes you a happy new year, at the heart of innovation

In the U.S., more than 100 food recalls were issued in 2017 because of contamination from harmful bacteria such as ListeriaSalmonella or E. coli. A new sensor design could one day make it easier to detect pathogens in food before products hit the supermarket shelves, thus preventing sometimes-deadly illnesses from contaminated food.

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