Thin silicon wafer

For more than 40 years, Sil'tronix Silicon Technologies aims to manufacture monocrystalline silicon wafers. By managing the whole manufacturing process within our own factory we achieve premium quality as per individual specification. This production flow allows to maintain a reliable and qualitative consistency.

Thanks to this strength, we achieved R&D projects in order to create a unique process to reach thicknesses down to 90 µm for 4” wafers and 150 µm for 6” wafers with qualitative results.


A qualitative product

Due to our long experience within silicon wafers technology, we reach the premium quality requested to succeed in your topics.

As an example, we provide edges which are completely clean as a wafer with a standard thickness. We know that it is really difficult to get, it is the reason we made strong effort to reach such quality:


Thin silicon wafer specification

Type & dopant
Type / Doping Size Orientation Thickness (µm) TTV Roughness (nm)
Cz or FZ Any, also undoped 4’’ (100 mm) Any 90  ±10 ≤10 ≤1
Cz or FZ Any, also undoped 6’’ (150 mm) Any 150  ±10 ≤10 ≤1

Sil’tronix ST is able to provide any thickness (from 90µm to 5cm) for any diameter (up to 6’’). If you need a non-standard thickness, please send us a request for quotation


RMS = 3.6Å on 25µm x 25µm

Thin silicon wafer roughness 25x25um

RMS = 2.2Å on 5µm x 5µm

Thin silicon wafer roughness 5x5um


Silicon wafer stock


Silicon wafer configurator


SOI wafer configurator



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