Silicon nitride wafer Si3N4

Within the semiconductor industry, silicon nitride layers are used as dielectric material, passivation layers or can act as hardmask. Additionally, there are several applications in micro-mechanics, for example as membrane material.

Sil'tronix ST provides silicon nitride layers such as:

  • Si3N4 film coated by low stress LPCVD method
  • Si3N4 thickness: up to 1.3um  +/- 5%
  • Si3N4 covers both side of the Silicon wafer

We accommodate all quantities, with a minimum batch order of 25 wafers.

Deposition of silicon nitride layers

LPCVD silicon nitride layers can be easily deposited on silicon wafers in a reproducible, pure and uniform way. This leads to silicon nitride layers with low electrical conductivity, very good coverage of edges and high thermal stability.

PECVD silicon nitride layers allow higher growth rate, which therefore leads to thicker layers. Stoichiometry and stress can also be adjusted. High thickness uniformity and etch rates are eventually obtained. PECVD Silicon nitride wafers are particularly suitable for passivation layers.


Due to lattice mismatch between silicon and silicon nitride thin films, stress develops in the subsequent deposited layers.

Stress in the silicon nitride layers can be modified by various parameters such as temperature or Si/N ratio in the gas phase. The process can be adjusted in a way that the silicon nitride is almost free of stress. These silicon nitride wafers are well suited for micro-mechanical applications


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