Coating - Thin film deposition and metallization on silicon wafers

Sil'tronix ST is specialized in the manufacture of customized silicon wafers and for this reason we propose several options in order to answer the most efficently to your needs generated by your researches.

We provide a large range of thin films and metallizations in order to propose not only a sbstract but a complete solution.



Different processes (LPCVD, PECVD, PVD or evaporation) can be used depending on the nature of the needed coating layer.

We provide:

Metal coating on silicon wafers

We can provide different metallizations depending on your needs:

  • Ag, Al for light reflectivity
  • Au, Cu for electrical conductivity
  • Ta, W for thermal resistivity
  • Cr, Ti, Pt, Mo are also available.

More Metallic coating available upon request


Multi-layer deposition on silicon wafers

On request, we can propose some combination between oxidation, nitridation and metal coating on the same silicon wafer. For example, we supply nitridation after oxidation on silicon wafer, we provide the oxidation on one side of the wafer and metallization on the other side.

Example for multi layer deposition : Si/SiO2/Si3N4/TiO2/Pt