Zero diffraction plate for XRD

For more than 40 years, Sil'tronix Silicon Technologies produces its own monocrystalline silicon ingot in order to provide the highest quality for spectroscopy applications. 

The whole products are made internally within our own factory in order to provide the flexibility requested regarding the application. We use exclusively pure silicon (9N) in order to maintain a reliable and qualitative consistency. Our purpose is to make high value products regarding individual specification to meet every user's requirement with the highest quality level.


Zero diffraction plate with cavity   

X-ray crystallography

Sil’tronix ST, expert in the manufacturing of customized silicon crystals, aims to provide qualitative solutions for the X-ray diffraction analysis.

X-ray spectroscopy

Zero diffraction plates for X-Ray spectroscopy, also named Zero Background Holder are used for XRD analysis to insure a non-destructive analytical method.

The Zero Background Holders are made of 9N semiconductor grade silicon. The single crystals are generally used for powder analysis more or less condensed.

As an example, some customers use the Sil’tronix ST sample holders for protein analysis because there is no diffraction on X-rays (no background noise from 20 to 120 degree (2θ angle Cu Ka X-Ray).

Charlotte-Le-Mesle-Photographe-Sil-Tronix-ST-ZBH-1.pngZero diffraction plate with no cavity

They have been designed to be ideal for Rietveld analysis as they present practically no interference lines. The XRD pattern obtained, by using the crystals as background plate, is very “clean” (No diffraction on X-rays), so that even at very low-intensity, samples’ Bragg reflections can be easily detected.

Zero diffraction plate diffraction angle.jpg

We manufacture internally 2 types of silicon plate XRD on standard diameters and from customized specifications:

  • Standard Flat sample holders (from 25,4 to 32 mm)
  • Standard sample holders with a front-loading shallow cavity where powder can typically be analyzed (from 25,4 to 32 mm)

Customized Specifications:


Silicon, P-type B doped


On request, (510), (911), (100)9°(001), …

Orientation accuracy



Top side optical polished

Cavity diameter

8 mm, depth 0,2 mm




500 µm

5000 µm




Diameter (mm)



Cavity zero diffraction plate is made of silicon cut with a special orientation in order to be invisible on x-rays:

  • All those values and parameters can be adjusted on customer’ request.
  • Perfect for sample holder of powder XRD , which has no background noise from 10 to 120 degree (2θ angle Cu Ka X-Ray).
  • Compatible with the majority of XRD equipment such as Siemens, Scinta, Bruker or Rugaku

Core competence

  • Customized manufacturing
  • No diffraction on X-rays
  • Orientation accuracy : 0.02°
  • Manufacture of different orientations: (510), (911), (100)9°(001),...