Zero background silicon holder (ZBH)

Sil'tronix silicon technologies produces silicon zero background holder for x-ray diffraction analyse. 

This silicon hoders are made of special off-oriented wafers acording to customers request.
We are able to produce various diameter (from very little to 6'') and various thickness. 

Also, we offer 2 types of silicon ZBH : 

  • etched, with cavity 
  • polished, without cavity


For more than 40 years, Sil'tronix ST is specialized in the manufacturing of full custom Silicon wafers. In order to go further and provide you a complete solution to succeed within your topics, we offer the possibility to perform a transmittance on silicon up to 100%

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Well known as specialists both in Switzerland and abroad in the fields of micro technology and micro-mechanics, the Swiss company, Mimotec SA, has been developed a UV-LIGA Technology in order to provide qualitative micro components, mainly for horology movements or micro technology mechanisms.

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