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Sil'Tronix ST is now offering in-house dry thermal oxidation SiO2 grown layers from 1 to 4'' wafer diameters and up to 400 nm thick (please contact us for larger thicknesses). Dry thermal oxidation enables high quality layers in terms of thickness uniformity (5 %<), surface roughness (<0.3 nm) and breakdown voltage (>200V for 285 nm thick layer, for instance) to be grown. The Si/SiO2 interface exhibits no porosity or irregularities as observed in Fig. 1.


The inherent lower growth rate (as compared with wet oxidation) permits a correspondingly lower impurity incorporation rate, thus enhancing the oxide layer quality. As previously mentioned, the average roughness Ra is in the sub 0.3 nm range as measured by AFM (see Fig. 2).


Such oxide layers can act as a protective coating for some of our customers or it can be directly used as such for fabrication of semiconductor devices.
Sil'Tronix ST can meet a large range of demands. We are typically offering SiO2 growth on <100> and <111> orientated Si wafers whether p- or n-type doped and either intrinsic or heavily doped. For other orientations, please contact us.

On a more historical point of view, the ability to form (slowly though) a native good to high quality oxide led silicon to become the predominant material used in the semiconductor industry. It can be found in most of our integrated circuits (ICs) today. Furthermore under exposure to oxygen and sufficiently high temperature (typically in the range of 900-1200 °C), a SiO2 layer is readily formed.
Importantly, SiO2 is a high-quality electrical insulator with a dielectric strength up to 107 V/cm and a band gap of 9eV. As such, it presents a wide variety of applications from a simple barrier material during implantation and diffusion processes to being the core of MOS transistors found in almost any ICs.  Moreover as 3D integration proceeds, SiO2 is also used as a dielectric interlayer. Therefore, it is widely accepted that SiO2 will be part and parcel of the semiconductor industry in the foreseeable future.

Last but not least, Si and SiO2 are integral components of microelectromechanical systems or “MEMS” representing now an annual business of over US$ 12 B.


For more than 40 years, Sil'tronix ST is specialized in the manufacturing of full custom Silicon wafers. In order to go further and provide you a complete solution to succeed within your topics, we offer the possibility to perform a transmittance on silicon up to 100%

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Well known as specialists both in Switzerland and abroad in the fields of micro technology and micro-mechanics, the Swiss company, Mimotec SA, has been developed a UV-LIGA Technology in order to provide qualitative micro components, mainly for horology movements or micro technology mechanisms.

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