UV-LIGA Technology from Mimotec

Well known specialists both in Switzerland and abroad in the fields of micro technology and micro-mechanics, the Swiss company, Mimotec SA, has been developed a UV-LIGA Technology in order to provide qualitative micro components, mainly for horology movements or micro technology mechanisms.

Photo-Mask Preparation for Si wafers

Their methods of industrial manufacturing can be adapted as much for fast prototypes as for large volumes, enabling the manufacturing of escapement components that are 100% non-magnetic and stainless.


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UV-LIGA Technology

UV-LIGA Technology

The procedures involved for the manufacturing of micro components originates from the micro-electronics technology. Named UV-LIGA, it combines photolithography and electroforming. Originally, Sil’tronix ST supplied the first wafers to Mimotec SA in order to build its technology.

This additive technology has the great advantage of being both inexpensive and quickly implemented, making this procedure very competitive compared with time-consuming traditional methods. Ideal for fast prototypes as well as for the production of medium series, this process achieves a level of micrometric accuracy in addition to unsurpassed surface quality.


Over the past 20 years, scientists have been developing metamaterials, or materials that don't occur naturally and whose mechanical properties result from their designed structure rather than their chemical composition. They allow researchers to create materials with specific properties and shapes. Metamaterials are still not widely used in everyday objects, but that could soon change.

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A group of researchers led by Stanislav Evlashin, a senior research scientist at the Skoltech Center for Design, Manufacturing and Materials (CDMM), demonstrated a simple and 100% efficient method of converting silicon wafers into nanoparticles in an aqueous solution. This discovery can help find an environmentally friendly way of silicon recycling without using toxic chemicals.

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