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In April's Newsletter, we emphasized the work of Dr. Ilio Miccoli from the 
University of Hannover. This month, we would like to encourage the work of the young start-up SiLiMiXT.

This company is specialized in porous silicon material manufacturing (PSi), from PSi layers on silicon wafers to the production of freestanding PSi membranes as semi-finished structures for electronics and microelectronics applications in the field of photovoltaic energy, electrical energy storage, flexible microelectronics RF circuits, sensors and optical filters.

SiLiMiXT produces PSi material by doing electrochemical porosification etching of silicon wafers in hydrofluoric acid solutions. This technique transforms the silicon material in an innovative material with properties which can be controlled during the anodization process. This allows the fabrication of sophisticated structures in silicon with uniform or graded porosities and a wide range of pore sizes from nanometers to micrometers with rectilinear or branched shapes as shown in the following figures.


Pore walls can be so thin and the pore density so huge that a spread of the internal surface of one cubic centimeter of microporous silicon would be large enough to re-cover a football field.

Producing PSi material with such morphologies and such pore sizes range necessitates the use of silicon wafers with a wide range of specifications in terms of internal properties (doping level, type, crystal orientation…), diameters, thicknesses and surface preparations. SIL’TRONIX is a silicon wafer manufacturer and supplier with a large choice of specifications fitting well with the SiLiMiXT needs. Because the PSi fabrication derives from the silicon material, being visible on the SIL’TRONIX website as a PSi manufacturer is a chance for SiLiMiXT.


SiLiMiXT works in collaboration with the CNRS-GREMAN research laboratory UMR-7347 of the University of Tours onto the technological platform of the semi public-private Research Center on Microelectronics (CERTeM). This platform is located inside the STMicroelectronics facilities in Tours and includes processing and characterization equipment inside a class 100 cleanroom of 450m².

Another main objective of SiLiMiXT is to develop technological solutions for the transfer of the porous silicon fabrication toward foundries willing to introduce directly this technology inside their device production lines. For that, SiLiMiXT develops a special relationship with the chemical equipment manufacturer LAY CONCEPT - SAS.

Meet SiLiMiXT in Grenoble at SEMICON Europa on 25-27 October 2016.


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