Mirror and Silicon Blocks Refurbishment

Mirror and Silicon Blocks Refurbishment

The quality of x-ray mirrors produced today is significantly better than that which was available 10 years ago. Consequently, there are many large optics installed worldwide with slope and roughness characteristics that can be improved. In addition mirror coatings degrade (surface contamination) over time resulting in performance reduction.

We offer a refurbishment service for x-ray mirrors, to provide customers with an optics upgrade path that doesn't require a complete new mirror purchase. This involves stripping off old coatings and replacing the coating.

Furthermore we offer to repolish, and then recoat, existing mirrors to improve slope errors and surface roughness. This makes it a practical and cost effective solution to consider refurbishing a mirror during a short shutdown.


Our customers are the large Synchrotron facilities around the globe like ESRF, Soleil, Desy, …

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In order to study the internal friction of thin films a nodal suspension system called GeNS (Gentle Nodal Suspension) has been developed. The key features of this system are: i) the possibility to use substrates easily available like silicon wafers; ii) extremely low excess losses coming from the suspension system which allows to measure Q factors in excess of 2x108 on 3” diameter wafers; iii) reproducibility of measurements within few percent on mechanical losses and 0.01% on resonant frequencies; iv) absence of clamping; v) the capability to operate at cryogenic temperatures. Measurements at cryogenic temperatures on SiO2 and at room temperature only on Ta2O5 films deposited on silicon are presented.

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