Wafer Services

Sil'tronix Silicon Technologies is specialized in Silicon crystal growth and wafer manufacturing. We are also able to provide customized services on your material.

Cz Specific ingots


  • Orientation: (100) or (111)  
  • Dopant: P-Boron or N-Phosphorus
  • From conductive materials closed to 1 mOhm.cm
  • Undoped: no added dopant

High purity silicon (purity 9N) is melted in a crucible at 1425°C, usually made of quartz. A precisely oriented seed silicon crystal is dipped into the molten silicon. The seed crystal’s rod is slowly pulled upwards and rotated simultaneously...

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Customized Silicon parts

IMG_00000120 copie.jpgSil'tronix Silicon Technologies has developed specific mechanical processes to create some untypical parts like rings, bevel-edged thick wafers or blades...

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Mirror and Silicon Blocks Refurbishment

 Silicon Block Refurbishment 2- Sil'tronix.jpgThe quality of x-ray mirrors produced today is significantly better than that which was available 10 years ago. Consequently, there are many large optics installed worldwide with slope and roughness characteristics that can be improved. In addition mirror coatings degrade (surface contamination) over time resulting in performance reduction.

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