X-Ray Silicon Crystal

Sil’tronix ST is expert on photonics and X-ray crystallography by delivering hundreds of single silicon crystals every year for X-ray diffraction analysis. The whole devices are internally made from monocrystalline silicon ingot growth into our factory regarding your needs, from standard to totally customized products (from your scheme, discussion with our technical engineer, doctors, etc…)

The production is all made internally to insure the quality and the flexibility all along the manufacturing process for low and medium volume.

Silicon crystal capabilitiesCharlotte-Le-Mesle-Photographe-Sil-Tronix-ST-Ensemble-Bloc-Petite-Piece.jpg

The surface x-ray diffraction has been experimented since long time to provide an excellent roughness <2Å rms.

We provide diffraction grating, single slit diffraction, monochromator, double axis diffraction grating, circular aperture, and mirrors aimed to condition primary X-ray beams or to analyze diffracted X-ray beams in multi-crystal diffraction arrangements.

Our silicon crystal blocks include: flat symmetrical of asymmetrical, channel-cut for multiple reflections, symmetrical or asymmetrical. The surface of flat crystals after mechanical finishing is treated by chemical-mechanical polishing, ensuring highest possible flatness and evenness of the surface for customized diffraction gratings.

Those silicon blocks are produced based on each customer’s specifications (size, roughness, orientation, and resistivity). Regarding the silicon crystal structure, the maximum size is a diameter of 15cm with a length of 20cm.


Sil’tronix ST is able to produce many different diffraction patterns such as double slit, multiple slit, cicular aperture, grid, diffractive beam splitter, hexagonal crystal, …

Charlotte-Le-Mesle-Photographe-Sil-Tronix-ST-Bouchon-1 copie.jpgCharlotte-Le-Mesle-Photographe-Sil-Tronix-ST-Channel-Cut-1 copie.jpgCharlotte-Le-Mesle-Photographe-Sil-Tronix-ST-Wafer-Cible-1 copie.jpg

Sil’tronix ST unique know how

Our product line for synchrotron applications has an overwhelming market share due to our unique tooling and polishing techniques, which minimizes measurements background noise and aberrations as our basic tolerance is a Roughness <2Å rms.