Silicon Crystal Sample Holders

Silicon Zero diffraction plates for X-Ray Diffraction (XRD) analysis.

Our products are made of semiconductor grade silicon single crystals. They have been designed to be ideal for Rietveld analysis as they Sil'tronix - zero background holder silicon.JPGpresent practically no interference lines. The XRD pattern obtained, by using our Sil’tronix crystals as background plate, is very “clean”, so that even at very low-intensity, samples’ Bragg reflections can be easily detected.

We produce 2 types of zero background holder (ZBH):

  •    flat sample holders
  •     sample holders with a front-loading shallow cavity where powder can typically be analyzed

Classical Specifications:Sil'tronix - zero background holder silicon with cavity.JPG

: Si, P-type B-doped
Orientation : on request
Resistivity: 10-50 ohm/cm
Size: 24.6 mm diameter x 2.0 mm thickness
Surface: top side optical polished
Cavity: diameter: 8mm, depth 0.2mm

Cavity zero diffraction plate is made of silicon cut with a special orientation.Sil'tronix - ZBH - Zero Background Holder.jpeg

All those values and parameters can be adjusted on customer’ request.

Perfect for sample holder of powder XRD, which has no background noise from 10 to 120 degree (2θ angle Cu Ka X-Ray).

Compatible with the majority of XRD equipment like Siemens, Scinta or Rugaku.


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