Silicon Blocks for Neutron Sources

Manufacturing of silicon blocks

Sil'tronix is without any contest the European leader of the Silicon Crystal Blocks dedicated to neutron reflectivity.

Today, 90% of the research teams working in Europe on Neutron Backscattering Spectroscopy are using our Silicon Blocks.

Thanks to our exclusive polishing process, we can insure a roughness < 2 Å (RMS), on brand new Si blocks as well as on re-polished blocks sent back to us by our customers.

Block specifications:

  • Material: Cz Intrinsic
  • Orientation: Generally <111> ±0.2°
  • Dimensions: Based on the customer's request
  • Polishing constraints: Roughness < 2 Å (RMS)

Our strength:

Being able to polish (and repolish) those silicon blocks, with the required quality.


Information about Silicon blocks refurbishment