Silicon Wafers

Sil'tronix produces Cz (Czochralski) or FZ (Float Zone) silicon wafers, in all diameters from 1'' to 6''. 
We also customize wafers to accommodate the individual needs of our customers (size, off cut, accurate resistivity).

We polish our wafers by ourselves, in order to meet or exceed the standards of Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI).Sil'tronix maintains a large inventory of Cz, FZ, low defect, ultra-flat and ultra-thin wafers.

Silicon wafer specifications

silicon-wafer-specifications.jpgDiameter, type & dopant, resistivity orientation etc.

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Silicon oxide wafer SiO2

silicon-oxide-wafer.jpgSil’tronix Silicon Technologies provides SiO2 layers with a thickness from 15 nm up to 2 µm.

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Silicon nitride wafer Si3N4

silicon-nitride-wafer.JPGSil'tronix can provide silicon nitride layers from 100nm up to 500nm, on top of any wafers (up to 6").

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Deposition and metallization on silicon wafers

deposition-silicon-wafer.JPGOn request, we can propose some combination between oxidation, nitridation and metals coating on the same silicon wafer. For example, we can made nitridation after oxidation on one wafer, or we can made oxidation on one side of the wafer and metallization on the other side.

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Machining - Slicing - Dicing

  • Orientation – flat or crystal
  • Shaping wafers into (pseudo) squares
  • Machining – from ingots, blocks or wafers
  • Slicing – Diamond ID Saw (slice by slice)
  • Dicing minimum size 1.5x1.5mm²
  • Laser marking

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Downsizing - Edge grinding

plan downsizing.jpgDownsizing by laser cutting (ie: 6" -> 3x2")
Round, flat, edge grinding
Specific edge profile: cutting 45° angle

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Surface preparation


  • Lapping
  • Chemical etch Polishing
  • Special chemical treatment
  • Reclaim

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