Silicon Wafers

Sil'tronix Silicon Technologies aims to manufacture monocrystalline silicon wafer from its own ingot pulled at its facility. The entire production is made internally in order to maintain a reliable and qualitative consistency.

The major source of motivation for the company is to provide the most suitable silicon wafers regarding the customer requirement. It is the reason we manufacture the products on demand regarding individual specification (size, off cut, accurate resistivity… ).


We manufacture any diameters from 1’’ (25.4 mm) to 6’’ (152.4 mm) in order to provide the most flexibility as possible. With the aim of providing the maximum range of specification, we work either Cz (Czochralski) or FZ (Float Zone) silicon wafers.

To produce a qualitative products, pure silicon (9N) raw material is used.

The polishing process is also made internally by ourselves, in order to meet or exceed the Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International standards (SEMI).

Sil'tronix ST maintains a large inventory of Cz, FZ, low defect, ultra-flat and ultra-thin wafers.

Silicon wafer specifications

Image1.jpgDefine and find your silicon wafers from 1 inch to 6 inches regarding your own specification:
diameter, type & dopant, resistivity, orientation, thickness, etc.

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Silicon oxide wafer SiO2 Thin film

Image2.jpgSil’tronix ST provides thermal SiO2 layers from 15 nm up to 300 nm totally made internally. Greater thickness are also available on request. The quality provided allows to use the thin layer for graphene purpose.

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Silicon nitride wafer Si3N4 thin fiLm

silicon-nitride-wafer.JPGSil'tronix provides silicon nitride layers from 100nm up to 500nm, on top of any wafers. LPCVD or Low stress (Ultra-low stress) process are used depending the individual specification.

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thin film Deposition and metallization on silicon wafers

Charlotte-Le-Mesle-Photographe-Sil-Tronix-ST-Wafer-Au-1.pngOxidation, nitridation and metal coating are available on the same silicon wafer. Different additional layers are available on request for one or double side. Different additional layers are available depending the side.

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Downsizing - Edge grinding

Downsizing-retouché.jpgTo match your own specification, we downsize silicon wafer on the size requested:

  • Downsizing by laser cutting (ie: 6" -> 3x2")
  • Round, flat, edge grinding
  • Specific edge profile: cutting 45° angle

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Sil’tronix ST built its manufacturing line in production cells with the aims of providing the maximum of services. Each step is availble to include semi-finished products.

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