Deposition and metallization on silicon wafers

Single layer deposition on silicon wafers

deposition-on-silicon-wafer.JPG Different processes (LPCVD, PECVD, PVD or evaporation) can be used depending on the nature of the needed coating layer.

We can provide:

Metals coating on silicon wafers

We can provide differents solutions depending on your need :

  • Ag, Al for light reflectivity
  • Au, Cu for electrical conductivity
  • Ta, W for thermal resistivity
  • Cr, Ti, Pt, Mo are also available.

Multi-layer deposition on silicon wafers

On request, we can propose some combination between oxidation, nitridation and metals coating on the same silicon wafer. For example, we can made nitridation after oxidation on one wafer, or we can made oxidation on one side of the wafer and metallization on the other side.