Cz silicon ingots


High purity silicon (purity 9N) is melted in a crucible at 1425°C, usually made of quartz. A precisely oriented seed silicon crystal is dipped into the molten silicon. The seed crystal’s rod is slowly pulled upwards and rotated simultaneously. By precisely controlling the temperature gradients, rate of pulling and speed of rotation, it is possible to extract a large, cylindrical, monocrystalline silicon ingot from the melt.

Orientation of Cz silicon ingots

The silicon dash presents the same orientation and doping as the final monocrystalline silicon crystal. We can propose two different orientation for Czochralski silicon growing: (100) or (111).

Classical silicon ingots

Dopant atoms such as boron or phosphorus can be added to the molten silicon in precise amounts to dope the silicon thus changing it into p-type or n-type silicon with different electronic properties. We can achieve silicon ingots with resistivity from to 200

We propose also Cz undoped silicon crystal : we add no dopant in the silicon melting.

Specific silicon ingots

On customer’s request, we can grow silicon crystal with other dopant atoms.

We have, in collaboration with Apollon Solar, a patent concerning a specific silicon crucible for liquid dopant, as lithium. In this case, customer provide the silicon and the dopant to be sure to obtain the required electronic properties. We provide only the sealed silicon crucible.


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